The Fault in our Feminism

it is true that most men believe that women are better than men in many ways. Sometimes, way better! The ability of a woman to balance emotions with logic, then loop in a little bit of caring & consideration, topped with talents of sewing, cooking, educating, and pursuing passion! Thats a big deal and women have been seen to excel at it in many ways.

Having said that, women have also been raped, murdered, abandoned, emotionally and physically hurt by men. The question is not why? The question is how can we stop this? That is the percolating question in our society lately.

I have time and again said, and you can read it in my other blogs, that our agenda for want for justice to our gender has been distorted due to its virality than its importance. It’s not just viral, it’s emotionally viral, and very dangerously digressing from the solution.

Our fight for feminism started off with clothing issues. Small skirts, etc. I strongly believe that it was chauvinism that even lead to such a ridiculous assumption. However, a generic response to stupidity is either full ignorance or a smarter response. But….we fought, we shouted, we screamed…  only after we were raped and murdered and maimed.  Although it takes much efforts to stand up for ourselves, keep the strength, and make it a viral obligation to be respected and heard, the task remains unfruitful, yet yearning a lot more of action. But when I say action, I mean logical, free from passion & emotion, and completely sensible,… enough to make that change.

Chauvinism hasn’t done much except cause a lot of harm, beginning world war 1, up to continuation of the crumbing capitalism that we now face.

It makes me happy that we don’t have to wait for ‘public figures’ to stand up to over time, as the ones taking the brunt for this prevailing injustice. We have one, and he is over flowing with all the distasteful things that we want to now eradicate, including capitalism, chauvinism, and social hierarchy, with an added bonus of climate preservation.  Relative to our very own matter of feminism, our fight could not have come at a better time, with media helping tremendously but indirectly, with their own agenda to raise hit rates.

Having said that… all of that- the luck, the help, the virality, the audience attention, and a public figure to shoot all our arrows at, it is now our personal responsibility to know which arrow to shoot with. As women, carrying a barrage of arrows with us, namely – passion, obsession, care, anger, comfort, intelligence, love, harmony, and the thought of logic… what could be our ideal arrow head?

I want to address the irresponsibility that is our biggest fight ever! Our fight is bigger than all those world wars, it’s bigger than any dangerous inventions like the nuclear bombs, or technology. It is the war that will lay a foundation to our future and society as a whole. This fight cannot be won with passion and anger. We need to intelligence, harmony, and passion to win this war.

My favorite author, Malcolm Gladwell very beautifully explained in his first book, Tipping Point, of levels of society that exist among us. Amongst us are The Doers, The Followers, and the Laggards. The Doers find new things to do, and if it’s a hit – the followers follow, and finally the laggards catch up to the new trend (this is just in a nutshell, of course!) Such evolvement exists in every level of social order, including fashion, social norms, and even social issues. Referring to Gladwell’s social order, our war has reached the laggards, still fighting over clothing rights! We have gone past that, to rape and molestation, which is very varied in its geography, unfortunately unaddressed in our war.

 Here we are the feminists, like little spoiled kids, inconsiderate of the social norms, wanting to fight for EVERYTHING! Let us remember that it may be a war against men, but it really is a war for ourselves to get everything that we’re deserving of. Lawless in character, it is the perspective we’re fighting for. The abstract nature of it, is our fight!
Its not the clothes, it’s not equal pay, it’s not even the freedom to sex without profanity. Our war is not trying to prove equal to men, our war is to right to equality, irrespective of these. If you are a woman, passionate about education and career, and freedom to late night outings, and driving around the world safely and agenda to hobby kick-boxing every weekend – then yes- this is your war!! However, if it were a woman who wants to be a passionate wife, taking care of the family and raising kids, and etc., this war is of no use. She will wear saris, cook everyday, make babies and raise them, take care of the family elders, and go back to snuggle to her husband every night. But one day, after the elders are gone, and the kids have moved to dorms, and then if she wants to get a day job, and her husband says, NO!… this fight is for that NO! That NO which is without a reason or cause.

We have in our war caught the weakest link of psychologically damaged men (as is the nature of any war) and are portraying on the entire gender with a fight to equal rights. But they’re weak and useless, and unless we look at them as useless and parasitic, we will always end up electing such people as decision makers… cos! they fit in our comfort zones. We are used to hating and hate will bring more people to hate, until hate is the foundation of us! Do we want to get there?

Our war needs arrow heads of intellect (which is in bulk but unused), of logic (of what we really want), of justice (from those who don’t know it), of compassion ( to teach it to the ill-compassionate). Not anger and filth and obsessive passion (to make it a living fad of capitalism).

Some may say that this is the only way to get attention to the necessities, I believe otherwise. I think this is a classic case of a childhood tantrum for the new school year. “Mommy! I want everything from the shelves. New bag, new books, new pencils, new shoes, new socks.” Such a tantrum won’t go anywhere, isn’t it? We need to list our ups before we list our downs, and then ask for what we want but don’t have.

Clothing is not one of them. You wouldn’t wear shorts to a wedding or a calvin klein dress to the beach, so why would you rebel against the length of a dress in a conservative area? Working woman is not one of them, because many women choose to be home makers for an incomprehensible agendas. Fighting over “ladies” seats is not one of them, because a sign doesn’t necessary portray anything except your need to fight. Free sex is also not one of them, because rebellious sex will bring you STDs, definitely you haven’t thought much!

I am an ardent “right” feminist, and i believe the war is one case at a time. However, if feminism has reached a capitalist market at such a fast speed, we better keep a business plan ready, else it’s just a passionate hobby due for death eventually.


Published by: shwetalogy

Camera | Car | Coffee | Cigarettes | Cats - are 5 things I can't live without. I worry about the world in every sense, including our deteriorating capitalism, culture, environment, families, and politics. Connecting dots to all the above is my hobby, which I pen down here. Everything in the world is connected, and we need to find the wedges to swim through for a better future. I am funny like that, and I love clicking photographs, you can follow my instagram @shwetalogy

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