psychology FOR dog lovers…

Since about 5 years, I have housed many stray cats. I have seen them being birthed, to burying their dead half ripped open dead bodies. There is a cemetery of dead cats around my house – with the favorite ones closest to the house.

Under the stress of persistent animal lovers, the Supreme Court has passed a law that no dog would be out of it’s pack or replaced to another location. As pro-dog as it may sound, I personally have no agreement to it.

By the time I buried my 9th cat in the cat cemetery behind my house, I had started to hate dogs. I wanted to hurt them as badly as possible. The sight of any dog was abhorring. I hated that woman who fed dogs everyday. I hated animal rescuers. I have all intention to hate slaves of dogs who extend their english to “animal” lovers. What hypocrisy! Such blasphemy! Untrustworthy irresponsible shallow hobby-less social slaves!!.. who bombarded my grief with “it’s natural” or mere “i’ll call you” – but never did!

My only solution was to hurt these nasty bastards of the streets with a vengeance!! …until the memory of my pet dog who died 4 years ago popped up on my Facebook Memories. I loved that dog like a son, and I was there by his side hugging him when he left us in spirit. How could I, an ardent animal lover, who can’t bear the thought of killing a rat at home, who asks for forgiveness every week when she buys chicken for her carnivorous pets, who will use vinegar and water to clean the house so that there is no infestation (leading to death) of cockroaches….. feel such hatred for man’s best vanity (…errr, friend)?

Wait! If you’re that sort of a reader who is yet deciding to be either angry or sad with a garnish of judgmental and throw some sort of tantrum on Facebook media, to gain some random social gossip going …. this is not for you. I have no interest to share with those who want to be a part of the “fad or coolness dog factor.”

Enough digression…

Anyway, there is a serious flaw in this cool social hobby, and it has to do with lack of humanity and compassion. Feeding a dog and giving it medicine is not enough animal rescue. Let’s not let rescue fad take over for a bit. Taking care of a dog is more than just mouth and tail wipe. If a pet dog was treated so, rescuers would be marching with a noose and ear full of steams at the owner, calling names like emotionless monster. So why are we letting these bros of the streets to be living in mere necessities. They’re better off without your help. REALLY!!

Here is why:

  • Dogs, if they have to live in a human oriented society need to understand human behaviors. It is why dogs are trained. Not to be star of the show, but to understand their owners, and be partner and family. It is the psychology of dogs to pack to survive. When you feed groups of dogs on the streets that are at war with each other, you are increasing territorial war between 2 groups and causing more chaos than help. It doesn’t help to say that feeding both groups won’t create fights. Territory is more than just food supply, you glutton!  Solution: Pick a pack of dogs and treat them with full love, respect, and understanding, and a language for other human interaction. Take responsibility to stop them from being a menace of the society. It’s always being humane before law (so stop bullying with law-ism…because we all know what happened in Kerala).
  • Weaker/ younger dogs always look for single alpha dogs to survive, and the nature of their leader decides the nature of the group – and it is mostly aggressive. Aggression is not due to lack of food. It is due to emotional (psychological) issues with respect to other dogs (or humans) that has harbored over time. If this dog was to lead a group of newbie dogs, s/he’d set the tone of the pack based off his/her negative (or positive) experiences. One dog would decide the animosity or love of its society. Solution: Give your street homies enough knowledge / training to survive with stranger humans. Even that aggressive dog can change with a little bit of help and direction. TAKE THE DAMNED RESPONSIBILITY!!
  • It is a general understanding that dogs are hateful, despicable creatures to be stoned at. If you want the society to adopt a new perspective towards those you are trying to save in thousands, it is time to bridge the communication gap. It is compassion over law, always! Solution : Train those dogs, will you? Teach them danger, teach them to be comfortable around cars, and teach them behavior around humans. It is human nature to reject everything that is not understandable at a mere go! And that is okay. No need to insult. Flex your doggie pals instead, mostly because it’s doggie nature to trust.
  • Caring for a pet dog is a gigantic task. Caring for a pack subjected to a new surprising experience everyday is even bigger. It is not a cool factor, it is a huge social responsibility. Solution: Stop trying to put stars on your vanity board. Number of dogs fed/bandaged is not proportional to your awesomeness. If anything, it should be a headache, cos you are the new batman of your street, as you are expected to adhere to norms of the human society and successfully place these furries on the streets.
  • And if people don’t like dogs, suck it up, cos chances are you are equally hateful! Not everyone has to think like you. If you think liking dogs is obvious, then you are the victim of this “animal lover” fad with no depth or authenticity. You may as well just bury your face in the sand and never take it out. Solution: Stop trying to bully people to think like you. OR Stop belittling those who don’t. Stop using phrases like “oh! what can I do? It’s just a dog. It’s natural!” It has been scientifically proved that dogs have an intellect of a 3 year old human baby. And if human babies can learn to speak at age 2, your dogs can learn to live in commraderie  even quicker. SO STOP SHRUGGING YOUR (half ass) RESPONSIBILITY,!
  • “But these dogs are good to me!” Of course… it’s cos you feed them! You have no clue what kind of dog you are raising in this community, cos you don’t care beyond your “hi-fi-ing” 5 dogs when you walk back home everyday. That is the  futile extent of your importance in the rescue world. Solution: Get a better hobby!! because caring for dogs without training them is like raising kids without rules & agendas. We don’t do it to our kids, why do we do it to the dogs? After al, we are fighting for their rights in the society, isn’t it?


I have realized that my dislike was never for the dogs. It was for them who cannot look beyond feeling special through public validation or the satisfaction to the ego, with little regard for the dogs and how they will adjust to their human society. If this disconnect continues, more and more people will hate dogs, and our country will really go to the dogs, if you know what i mean!

If you want these creatures amongst us, be humane to humans and their needs as well. Get your street pack ready for a more collaborative life with your neighbors. That is the least you can do for a holistic community. If you can’t care completely, don’t care at all. Don’t abuse them with your vanity. Cos you and your pack will be nothing but a nuisance of this community, as you already are!!





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