Let it Climate Change….

So, I’m on all these earth and animal related groups on Facebook. My news feed is always talking about cruelty to animals in zoos and circuses, the sad plight of whales, the plastics in the oceans, the dying coral reefs, the huge studies by scientists, and devices to fix these problems, the poaching, the racism, the politics of America…and the very depressing news about the extinction of the Black Rhino.

Thank you dear people, for poaching the exotic beautiful Black Rhino. We have not even one, to show our children. Hey, but you’re still alive, and so, where will you get your next food money from? Tigers? They’re going extinct in 20 so years, and you will still need food…. oh wait! you can’t get food cos of the universal drought. So you’re killing for, literally nothing! So, you’ll then poach the other exotic animals for more money to buy food aka expensive commodity (move over Zara, looks like our food crisis beat your prices!)?

But then, the food will eventually become extinct..just like that black rhino…cos we’re still dumping chemicals, oils, and varied plastics into the oceans, making it absolutely undrinkable or usable. Technology, you said? Of course, the Governments of the world will use up all those “electronic numbered currencies” to invest in growing food in the lab. Of course, I understand that we need to raise taxes so that we can invest in all these food experiments but…but… my salary is too low to buy that expensive food.

we’ll eventually make it sustainable” you say? ok, I’ll work hard without food until you figure that out. Then I’ll buy lab grown spinach to survive!

Oh, but I just got fired cos that robot from China took my job away. They said I was eating once a week, which they couldn’t sustain. So, can I just volunteer to help you clean the earth and make it better for the animals, in general?

Why don’t you make babies, and we’ll give you free accommodation. Cos that bison sanctuary is now a mini city, for below poverty line. Just remember, you don’t get food, or health benefits, and water will be 1 glass/ week/ family.”

Sir, can I just live for free – no food, no health, no babies???

how dare you say no babies?? you are a woman and your vagina will produce babies. We are pro life. Human race has to survive. We need to make babies!

I understand, sir! But pro who’s life? Yours or mine? oh, but by the way, your robot was promoted and I still don’t have a job.

“We will give you free health and food stamps. Our newest medications are just off the shelf.”

So, umm… you want me to eat preservatives, fall sick, and then go to the hospital for free FDA un-approved medications for my babies and me??

Sorry, no more health benefits for you. We need that money to make amunmation and clean that oil spill.

But sir, I have babies, and no job, and no food, and I am already fined for not paying taxes. What shall I do??

Hey Corporates, try our new bombs at that new construction in the previous bison sanctuary. Those people are useless to our economy anyway. They don’t have education, make babies without control, and are responsible for national economic decay,” will say the Governments sipping on their 50 year old scotch and wine.


So, where are we going with this world? Why is iPhone 6S so important, and where do you think your old phone will go? How much will you fight for promotion and do you think your babies will be able to get a job that is even remotely close and likeable to yours? How much will you pay for real estate and eduction? How will that help you?

How much money will you invest in cancer, and food, and extinction, and pollution? How much debt will this world hold?

How. much. before. we. realise…. it’s already too late?

Lets take all that money and invest in feeding the hungry. Lets not invest in life expansion anymore, cos even if the medicines will make us live, the corporates will kill us. Let us start to make it better for fellow humans and species. Let us not invest in frivolous but expensive technologies “of the future”… cos if today is dying, there is no future.

Our earth… she has a remarkable way to survive. She survived before the dinosaurs, and she survived the ice age. She also survived this far. She is selfish, you know! She will kill you before you ruin her. The water will run dry, and the soil will not sow. She will spew fire from her belly, and she will drown with that plastic filled oceans. That is her “chemotherapy” to this cancerous human.

Let us live in simplicity, in unity, in compassion, in forgiveness, for the end is near. All that matters now are your morals. All that matters now is how responsibly you will let your bad actions go. Reach within yourself and connect with your soul. That is the only place you haven’t really explored.

If dying of cancer without chemo is martyrdom, I will call you a Martyr. If living in small wages and not yearning for branded lifestyle is your pride, I will call you the Knight of Earth. If drinking from the faucet water is bravery, I’ll call you Brave. If living away from greed is sainthood, I’ll call you a Saint. If you will care more about how your little actions will affect the earth, I’ll call you the Baron of the Earth…. You will leave in pride and respect that you have in your little way helped Our Earth to live forever, as she deserves to.

Let it climate change. Let the earth’s poles shift towards the tropics. Let the ice melt. Let the volcanos erupt. And let the comets bombard. You just do your best to do what is right and the need of this hour. Be an example to those who look up to you.

Our Earth has kept us, pampered us, accommodated our theatricals for waaaaaay to long. It’s now time to “system reboot.” And “scan complete” will be when every human has left with their soul.




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Published by: shwetalogy

Camera | Car | Coffee | Cigarettes | Cats - are 5 things I can't live without. I worry about the world in every sense, including our deteriorating capitalism, culture, environment, families, and politics. Connecting dots to all the above is my hobby, which I pen down here. Everything in the world is connected, and we need to find the wedges to swim through for a better future. I am funny like that, and I love clicking photographs, you can follow my instagram @shwetalogy

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