Why I chose to sign petition against Yulin than Eid…

Yulin, the dog meat eating festival happened anyway. We couldn’t reach the desired votes to stop the petition that could influence the Chinese Government to stop this detestable festival! Lots of dogs were burned, others were thrown alive in boiled water. With all this torture, I hope the over populated Chinese got to taste all the dogs they tortured.

Yulin, the dog meat eating festival succeeded for the 5th time since it’s commencement. What a bloody tragedy!!

When change.org circulated the petition, I signed up and shared it on my facebook wall. Most resposes I got were, “why dont you support anti animal killing for Eid in your own country? So many goats and sheep will be slaughtered.”

This blog is my response to that –

Our world is getting capitalistic to a large extent. “Money” is the name of the game, and everyone is out to get some and live in it’s luxury. Someone said it right! “Money has no soul.” Those who run after it, lose their’s eventually.

Even those who “breed” animals for food. Pigs in cramped sheds, and making machines to suck the last drop of milk from a cow… that’s the capitalistic money talking. Yulin is a part of this capitalistic soul-less game.

….and then combined with stupidity! I remember before Yulin was born, I signed another dog petition against Chinese laws to kill every dog in every household and streets because “rabies was rampant in China.” The Chinese law makers decided to just kill dogs than look for humane measure like anti- rabies vaccinations. Ah, such stupidity!

However, it got a mass population of Chinese to hate dogs, and thus a step towards Yulin.

Capitalistic strategy encore!! The rise and win of inhumanity!!


Eid, on the other hand, is religious. The act of sacrificing an animal doesnt come out of hate!! It comes out of “love” for the Lord, rather than hatred for the goat/sheep. The animal is fed and nurtured until it is given to God!

(…. I can already hear your voice saying to me, “what nonsense?!!!” I’m sure that if I was in your presence, you would rant off on a heated 1000 words speech…)

But hear me out, just a tad! Keep an open mind for 100 other words I want to tell you.

I want to go into the history of sacrifice. During the kingsly times, those who were blessed by the kings, gave away their daughters as wives to those who did them good. It was their sacrifice. Similarly is the sacrifice at Eid. It comes out of love …. than out of hatred (as for Yulin)

Yes, yes, I absolutely agree that the mass animal sacrifice in Nepal recently was ridiculous. 1000s of cattle died for nothing. No God was impressed.

Now, I have interacted with MANY animal lover, pro animal life brethren (and sisteren) who want to stop animal abuse. But passion cannot help much, I believe. If you scream out a bunch of hatred and sign every petition that comes your way against animal cruelty, you’ll become a public figure of anger and annoyance….and most possibly be known as mentally challenged and emotionally derailed. We need to tackle this issue with a well balanced strategy.

Win strategy with strategy, kinda thing! Get into the mindset and tweak it, sorta thing!

Not many look at animals like we do. They’re not lives, they’re food or blessing! Eid is a part of that. It’s religious, and religion has captured society for eons! Can we stop a Hindu from using ghee in the holy fire? Or can we stop a Christian priest from using wine as a blessing? No! Similarly, we cannot stop the Mohammadians from sacrificing goats/ sheep.

We need to tackle the corporate (or the soul-less) part of this entire charade. We need to undo the “money” part of animal inhumanity and then extend it to emotional/ moral virtues.

We need to put an end to that which comes out of sheer “we can make money from this” and then extrapolate it to “I understand your religion but can you be more aware of your sacrificial animal history, and it’s past before you try to make it a love thing?”

Yes, it’s going to be a long tedious process, but I’m not giving up! Are you?

We are at a confused time in human history, where some dont care about humanity, some are going off to a plant based or vegan food diet, and I have also met some spiritualists who believe that some animals are born to be consumed (or so they have got messages from the higher power). With so much confusion related to consumption of animals or not, we need to first find the “soul” in our agenda, and spread it like wild fire, and then… eventually, hope for the best.

Yulin is a 5 year old money making torturous festival, Eid is a 1000 year old religious tradition. We need to stop the new, and then go back in time and change the older. Time is less, but there is hope!


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