With Regards, Tattoo

It doesn’t matter in the kind of spirituality you believe in, as long as you are rightly spiritual and looking to grow as a complete person. Many people in the world believe in different ways to become whole and attain spiritual depth. While meditation, yoga, pranayam, are some conservative ways of attaining spiritualism, getting tattoos over oneself is also believed to attain spiritualistic enlightenment. Many tribes even in today’s world etch themselves with protective pictures, pictures to boost strength or  those of animals so as to attain qualities of them.  Some others believe that certain tattoos will help to find ways to heaven after death.

Since time unknown, tattoos have had a great regard in many cultures. Tattoos have been found in ancient Chinese cultures, Egyptian cultures, Mexico and the Pacific islands. It was mandatory in a few cultures to carve art on the body. The strength gained from experiencing pain through tattoos was considered as a benchmark to overcome further hurdles in life, of taking responsibility, and gaining the strength to protect themselves. From ideas of strength and protection, tattoos further became religious in nature, then cryptic, and finally, have evolved to something that you are or want to become or something that you are so passionate about that you want to go through the pain to etch it on your body. Many others did it for beautification purposes too. Tattoos have also been explained to help one connect better with themselves. I personally believe that tattoos help me connect better with myself and help me to reach within my soul. To me they are not just beautiful drawings on my body.

I have a perfectly logical reason to support my belief. The process of making a tattoo is hectic. Finding the right tattoo for oneself takes lot of time. Tattoos are permanent. If one wants the right tattoo for themselves, they have to think deeply and seriously of what they want. They have to find within themselves what they are and what they would like to be. This is connecting to the soul. People usually want tattoos which speak to others. They also want to portray themselves rightly  through their tattoos. Further, going to the tattoo artist, thinking about the size of the tattoo, the placement and the process of piercing, inking, and the pain is definitely one way to connect with the mind. I remember the first time I was to get a tattoo, I was thinking- Have I gone mad? Am I sure about this? Why do I need it?

Finally, once the tattoo is done, taking care of it obviously is giving attention to the tattoo and to its meaning. The entire process is meditative. Once you start thinking of the meaning of the tattoo on a constant basis, it becomes a part of your thinking. You want to follow what you have etched, it becomes a part of your body and finally, your tattoo becomes you! This is my logical explain the theology of tattoo.

I have 3 tattoos on my body. Although they are small, and not more than 2 inches, I have taken enough time to find them. One is my name. I love my name. The meaning of my name is “Purity” or “white”. I am not fair but I do believe that purification of one’s body is necessary for the soul. I always pursue truth. And my name has gained its importance further in my life once the tattoo has been etched on my body.

My second tattoo is a tribal with flames and a heart- flaming heart. A heart that spreads love to all! Love is indefinite and is definitely forever. My most recent tattoo is a tri-band star. Something I got with this man I love. We have the same tattoo on the exact same area of our body. We decided to get it after our beautiful night at a beach in Goa, under the stars. It is to celebrate our love, the sparkle of our relationship and the warmth of a star. And every time we look at it, it reminds us of our love for each other.

Yes, tattoos are more than just fad or fashion. They’re deep in meaning and mean a hell lot to those who keep it on them!


Published by: shwetalogy

Camera | Car | Coffee | Cigarettes | Cats - are 5 things I can't live without. I worry about the world in every sense, including our deteriorating capitalism, culture, environment, families, and politics. Connecting dots to all the above is my hobby, which I pen down here. Everything in the world is connected, and we need to find the wedges to swim through for a better future. I am funny like that, and I love clicking photographs, you can follow my instagram @shwetalogy

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