The Gratituty List

There are always times when one feels unloved, angry, or low on confidence – everyone has felt so at least once in a life time. The first thing we want to do is to find us an Agony Aunt/ Uncle to speak our minds out, or as they say- lighten the pain. The only risk here may be that we are placing our fragile emotions in someone else’s hands. It is known that negativity is contagious and may spread from one person to another like wild fire! So, our Agony Aunt may absolutely help cope up with our downbeat, but there is also a chance she may drill in more unhealthy thoughts, or her aloofness may affect our confidence (am I talking stupid? It is just my thought? Is my thinking even real or am I imagining it?). It is recommended to try and undo such pessimism by oneself!

I have noticed, when I feel low on confidence or underappreciated, I am jealous, the wrong kinda pride sets in, and I become extremely negative during my conversations. I cannot even make a good positive conversation! This is wrong, and a sure way to alienate people.

A wise friend once told me, “It’s ok to feel low. It’s just not ok to stay there.” I agree! Negative emotions can spoil one’s mood, mornings/ evenings, can affect one’s job, and even their relationships. Additionally, negative emotions can affect one physically, giving stress to the heart, the endocrine (hormonal) system, and finally the brain. Suppressing negative thoughts and feelings will also cause negative consequences; but spending a lot of time thinking negative thoughts can cause us to spiral uncontrollably into depression, anxiety and anger.

How do you cope up with comforting yourself and not making a boogie of the day? Experts say, distraction can help to negate negative emotions and bring in positive ones. I say, the best way to overcome feelings of being unloved, low on confidence and negative is 10 minutes of simple Thanks Giving!

Make a Gratituty list. Take a note pad and pen down 5 people you are grateful to and pen down 10 other things that you think are your assets. Be humble, keep no pride and ego, think from your heart and don’t count things like money.

My wise old friend was absolutely right! My Gratituty list makes me feel happy, loved, cared, understood, and one with the world… This is my Gratituty List –

1. My mother, for being the way she was. She taught me to be independent, practical and most importantly giving.

2. My father, for all that he has taught me- love, understanding, and patience

3. My dog (important family member), has taught me the power of indefinite love. So much love and so much giving!

4. My cousin, Renu for just being her. Ever so supportive to everybody! (Ofcourse, they have to abide her principles!:))

5. Lastly, my grandmother- who has taught me the strength of being a woman, and to strike the right balance between emotional & practical.

10 things I am grateful about-

  1. My friends- I have always had the best of people for friends
  2. My books – yes, I am very possessive about them.
  3. My water colors- just add that touch to life
  4. Animals- for just being them
  5. My education- although I never got through Harvard or Wharton, classes have taught me much
  6. Tea-  makes my mornings so wonderful
  7. Flowers- need I say?
  8. My work- keeps me challenged and practical
  9. Food! A good meal just makes my day!
  10. Lastly, The government of India- helps me understand  the importance of ‘consideration’

This is my list. I look at it every time I am low or in need of attention. By the time I finish reading it, I realize I am smiling, with thoughts of joyous memories… Make your today!


Published by: shwetalogy

Camera | Car | Coffee | Cigarettes | Cats - are 5 things I can't live without. I worry about the world in every sense, including our deteriorating capitalism, culture, environment, families, and politics. Connecting dots to all the above is my hobby, which I pen down here. Everything in the world is connected, and we need to find the wedges to swim through for a better future. I am funny like that, and I love clicking photographs, you can follow my instagram @shwetalogy

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